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18 July 2009 @ 01:02 pm
Challenge #17  
It's that time again! Hope you're all feeling creative ;).

And if anyone has any suggestions for future themes, feel free to leave them in a comment whenever you think of one.

This week's theme is....

yes, you guessed it...

Brelta!!! <3

You may use any photos of Delta and Brian together, be it candids, onstage, photoshoots, screencaps, or whatever else. It's up to you. As always, delta-daily.com has a wide selection of pictures if you need somewhere to look :).

- you may enter as many icons as you like
- you must use the pictures provided
- blends/textures/text/animation etc. are all allowed
- comments are screened
- please enter your icons by commenting with them on this post in the proper format
- entries are due Sunday, July 26th midnight EST